Frequently Asked

1) What are the different types of bikini waxes Heaven Spa offers?
Bikini- An industry standard. This includes the removal of hair on the area that would normally be outside of your bikini line. Disposable bikini bottoms are provided to wear during the service.
European- An "in between" of a Bikini and Brazilian wax. This is for clients who prefer to go in a little deeper on the sides and have more taken off the top to create a "landing strip". Disposable bikini bottoms are provided.
Brazilian- This includes the removal of all hair, including the front, back and everywhere in between. Many women who love the benefits of the Brazilian wax but prefer to not be completely bare can request to leave a small strip of hair on top. For this service no disposables are provided and client must be bare from the waist down for easier hair removal.

2) How do I prepare for a first time wax?
The most important preparation step is to stop shaving or trimming the hair to be removed at least 2-4 weeks before coming in for your appointment. The time you must wait ultimately depends on your individual hair growth, with course hair needing the extra growth time. Hair must be a 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch in order to be waxed properly. The longer you wait, the better the results. Other things to keep in mind for your first time include the following:

  • Make sure area is properly cleansed. Please shower or bathe before your appointment, especially before a Brazilian wax!
  • Women should try to schedule any waxing appointments mid-way through their monthly cycle, when they are the least sensitive to pain. It is advised to avoid waxing a week before, during, and a week after your menstrual cycle. Studies have shown that due to hormonal shifts, you can feel pain up to 30% more on these days.
  • Try to avoid a lot of caffeine the day of a wax. It has been shown to increase pain sensitivity. We're not saying don't have your morning cup of coffee, just don't come in after having 5 shots of espresso!
  • Those who are very concerned about pain can take an ibuprofen about 20 minutes before their waxing appointment. Many clients feel this helps a bit, but keep in mind that everyone is different.
  • Relax. Take a deep breath. It's never as bad as you think it will be.

3) How long do waxing results last?
It depends on the individual. The average amount of time for clients to notice some hair beginning to grow back is 1.5 - 2 weeks. After a few waxing sessions, most clients notice their hair growing back in much slower and finer. "Razor stubble" becomes a thing of the past because shaved hair gets cut off at its thickest point, making it thick to the touch. When hair is waxed correctly, it is removed from the root, which causes it to grow back as a new hair with a very fine tip, resulting in no stubble.

4) When can't I wax?
If you are currently using Accutane. This will affect your skin on every area of your face and body.

If you are currently using Retinol products i.e. Retin-A, Renova etc. on the area to be waxed. We advise clients to discontinue use for approximately 1 month if you wish to have that particular area waxed, especially for facial skin, which tends to be thinner than skin on the body.

You have any kind of sunburn, laser burn, or STD on the area to be waxed.

You are diabetic, except with a doctor's note clearing you for a wax.

5) Are there any post-wax/home care tips?
For clients getting a first-time Bikini or Brazilian wax, our advice is to just take it a little easy for the rest of the day. Don't immediately go run a marathon, do a spin class, or anything that involves sweating and a lot of friction on freshly-waxed area. Wear loose, comfortable clothing the day of a wax to allow the skin to breathe and reduce moisture. Showering or bathing afterwards is fine, just stay away from extra-hot water and any soap products with chemicals or perfumes. We recommended a gentle soap such as Dove or anything organic and natural that contains ingredients like lavender or oatmeal. It is important to start incorporating these types of products into your daily routine if you are not already doing so. We strongly advise against continuing to use any products on your skin that contain questionable chemicals, such as Irish Spring, Dial, or douches like Summer's Eve. Regular exfoliating of your face and body is also important, especially around the bikini area, starting about 2 days after getting waxed. Ingrown hairs can initially be avoided by daily, gentle scrubbing with exfoliating body gloves and a soap or shower gel containing tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial ingredient. If ingrown hair bumps continue to be an issue, clients often must invest in an over-the-counter ingrown hair product such as Tend-Skin, which is sold at the spa.

6) Should you shave at home to maintain as hair begins to grow?
No! It is strongly advised NOT to shave in-between waxing appointments as this can stimulate hair growth. Shaving will also disrupt the normal hair growth cycle and can result in uneven waxing results.

7) How long or short should you allow hair to grow back before waxing?
Hair follicles are always growing at different cycles, which is why it is important to wait as long you can before getting waxed, allowing all of the hair to grow out to the proper length. We recommend scheduling waxing every 4-6 weeks for proper maintenance.

8) Does waxing hurt?
Heaven Spa estheticians are trained to make your waxing experience as painless as possible. Keep in mind that the coarser your hair and the more sensitive your skin, the more sensitivity you will feel during and after the wax. With each session, waxing gets easier and less painful!

9) Can waxing cause hair to grow back darker and thicker?
No. Waxing over time will cause hair to become thinner and its growth more sparse. Natural hormonal changes or artificial hormones are the only known things that have been proven to stimulate hair growth and change characteristics of an individual's hair.

10) What are the benefits of regular waxing vs. shaving?
There are several! Regular waxing results in smooth, hairless skin that lasts for weeks and reduced hair growth over time. Another benefit for getting waxed regularly is that it gets easier and less painful each time. Shaving cuts off the hair at the skin's surface, resulting in necessary daily maintenance, painful irritation and razor bumps.

11) What do I do if the area becomes irritated?
It is normal to experience slight redness and small bumps on the skin after waxing, especially after your first couple times. This is a natural reaction of the hair follicle and usually starts to disappear after a few hours and can take up until the next day to go away completely. It is important to keep the area clean, dry and free of any products that contain fragrance and might be further irritating. If you feel you are experiencing unusual discomfort, apply an ice pack to the area for some relief and for the next 24-48 hours avoid the following:

  • Direct exposure to the sun or tanning beds
  • Exfoliating products
  • Deodorant (irritated underarms)
  • Excessive heat, sweating or touching of the area.


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